What can eye-tracking technologies tell us about technology potential?

Mediums of information technologies can be Google glasses, smartphones, tablets or computers.
Eye-trackers are also used in gaze-based interfaces, AltTyping virtual keyboard and Eyewriter 2.0 © Päivi Majaranta, © Theo Watson
Eye-written hello traced by Loreanceau’s eyes © J. Loreanceau CNRS
Eye-pursuit movements are gestures that eyes do when they follow a target in motion. © Stéphane LAB

Exploring a tech potential

Four human factors for eye-writing with pursuit movements. © Stéphane LAB
Diagram of the experimental setup. A distance of 47 to 55 cm is separating the user from the screen. © Stéphane LAB
Selection eye-movements captured by eye-trackers. © Stéphane LAB
The “familiarity spectrum” I created to initiate the creative process. © Stéphane LAB
Development of interactive models for the writing interface © Stéphane LAB

Inventing and investing in forward-thinking solutions

Examples of eye-written letters with their handwritten structures. More results are visible on my website © Stéphane LAB
Charles Babbage analytical engine © London Science museum



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